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New A/C compressor - seized?!?!?


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For the past few weeks, the a/c compressor has been making some odd noises upon startup, as it would 'sieze up' when it cycled for the first time after a cold start, causing the belt to slip over it. Once it spun a few times with a little protest, it would be silent and operate normally. A/C would be cool, but not as cold as in the past.

I have no idea what made me try this (live and learn...), but I added some more refrigerant last night. Sure enough, when the compressor kicked on today, it completely stopped turning, the belt made some screaming noises from hell, and stalled the engine.

I disconnected the sensors to disable the compressor, and she now starts/runs without the compressor cycling.

Here is my question (which I should have asked before trying to fix this on my own!). I now know for sure my a/c is severely overcharged with both refrigerant AND oil. Would this cause the one year old compressor to seize? I made an appointment to have the entire system flushed and properly charged tomorrow. Will I be looking at replacing the compressor as well, or will it survive as long as the bearings are intact?

For now on I'm not playing with this stuff!


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What type of compressor did you install? Delco, 4 seasons? New or rebuilt? Why was the first one replaced? If it grenaded internally was the system flushed? I'll defer your actual question to Kevin.

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It's a new ac delco in there. I'm guessing my overcharging caused it to seize, but that's only my guess. I'm hoping a full flush and proper recharge will fix it, but I'm wondering if I'm being too hopeful....

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It does sound more like overcharging than a belt problem. Codes?

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