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HI I am Aaron Harkness....I have the 1995 Eldorado for sale and almost no one is interested in my cadillac......is $1,400 too mush for a cadillac that needs about $250 worth of work to be running and driving good the motor is only about 45,000miles old and the interior is in need of a little cleaning but the body is great and so is the paint.....I lost my drivers license and now need to sell my car for a lawyer...at this point I am at a loss and am just about ready to give this car away at a rediculous price...should I?...Is it worth hanging on to?

Please Help


Aaron Harkness

P.s. this car needs minor work to be driveable and I am not going to do it at the price I am selling it for....heck You can buy it, take it to one of the 3 mechanics within 6 blks of here and have them do it in a few hours for about $250 for the water pump and map sensor

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The price seems OK to me but if it isn't driveable then you are basically marketing a parts/project car. Since the shipping is a significant part of the price, that's a consideration; you might look into shipping costs for the car so that you can tell people what is involved. Shipping might be a lot less than people think, and that would help. Only a small fraction of buyers are looking for parts/project cars, but you did post in the right place. It would seem to me that there are three obvious possibilities:

  1. Wait for the right buyer, post it on eBay, post it on the other forums, etc..
  2. Put the $250 in it, clear the codes, and up the price to what the KBB says it's worth as an individual sale for a car in "Fair" condition.
  3. Fix the engine and detail it, and ask what the KBB says is the right price for "Good" condition.
You might also post in other places, but I don't hang out on the other forums much so I don't know what the atmospheres are, in terms of people with project cars solving their problems together and such.

eBay may be worth a shot. Take the time to read all the fine print. Make sure that the Reserve is enough so that you won't just give it away if it doesn't draw any bids. You will need to look into shipping and post estimates or answer questions about shipping costs to sell it there.

Another thing you could look at is to let a local used car lot sell it on consignment. You would probably need to go with (2) or (3) above for a lot to take it, and their cut will likely be something like 30%, which is painful.

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