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  1. still looking to upgrade your deville to nav?

  2. easy swap if you know what your doing done it many times my old STS http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2703551
  3. still lookin to put an indash into your car?

  4. lambos on a 4 door is just stupid imho
  5. Do you still have the factory nav units? If so do you have any pics of them? i need one for a 2000 sts got my last one ready to go email me cadillac1997etc@yahoo.com
  6. how much is the stock stall??? how much did this improve your car? any idea how much it will do on a stock N* with mild bolt ons?
  7. yup its supposed to be like the Sunburst Orange which was exclusive to the 03 CTS ive seen one and can post a pic from my phone if you like?
  8. its the DVD map based unit not the 3 piece CD rom unit it plays DVDs and i have write ups on how to watch movies and get the navigation features while the car is in motion theres no remote cadillac never offered one this is the factory unit what specs do you need again this is factory and integrates into the stock car no aftermarket crap needed email me cadillac1997etc@yahoo.com
  9. im not worried about it like i said the dealers gonna have to eat it its still under warranty...
  10. 1997 ETC HGS failed at 100K and were replaced by the dealer now she sits at 107K and im 99% sure they have gone again appointment is scheduled for Monday... thank god for 12mth/12k warranty
  11. have Corsa on my 03 STS totally worth it
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