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Broke Interior Light Switch Knob


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My pants leg caught the round know or switch that push and pull head lights on and off and broke it off. Also the interior reading light on and off switch. Anyways, does anyone know the part # for this knob. And is it a pain to replace?


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Any dealer should be able to give you the headlight switch over the parts counter from your make and model. If you are looking for a part number to order online, the process for finding the part should be simple enough. Be sure and look at the part. The DeSimone web site has a Parts link; their page asks for your car's VIN and your description of the part, and is reviewed by a person. If you make an inquiry there and give your phone number, you can be sure that you will be given a call if they aren't absolutely sure that they have the right part.

To me, anything that involves going under the dash is an awkward repair. I replaced my turn signal flasher unit a few months ago and I considered that hard because I found it difficult to clip it onto the dashboard strut where it belonged.

I don't see a procedure for channging the headlight switch in the factory service manual (FSM) under Headlight Switch. Others here may know of a procedure for doing this in the FSM under another heading. It looks like the process is un-doing the knob from the front, pulling the switch out from the rear, pulling two connectors off the back of the headlight switch (be careful to note their orientatin), and reversing the process to install the new one. The connectors will likely have a catch that you need to depress with a small screwdriver to pull them off the switch. You will need to remove the cover under that side of the dashboard for access, and you may want to remove the cover from under the steering column for better access.

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I am not sure if this is the case anymore, but light switches used to allow the stem handle to be detached by pressing a spring loaded button on the switch itself. Pull the switch to full extension, press the button and the stem handle pulls out of the switch. You might be able to just replace the stem. Ask the dealer's parts counter if it detaches. If he does not sell it separately, you might visit a junk yard.

Of course the other question is, can you pull yours out or did it break off flush and you can't grip it..?

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