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Transmission and Power steering return lines on 4.9

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The return lines looked pretty rusted and I finally decided to rplace all transmission lines (four pieces) and a power steering line, one that connects the gear to the PS cooler.

Replacing transmission lines is pretty strait forward. I just needed to loosen the radiator to get one of the hoses out. I used the opportunity to replace COMPLTELY ATF while on it by running engine in idle for a few seconds (the tranny was in Park). the ATF will fountain from the lower line where it is connected to internal radiator cooler. HINT: before disconnecting the lines, start the car, lift the throttle lever up , press the ISC motor plunger so that it would retract comletely and then disconnect the ISC connector. By disabling the ISC you will avoid very high RPMs at first seconds when you start the engine to pump out ATF. Do not forget to reconnect ISC after the procedure. Now my ATF is nice and clear like a good Merlot. :D

Replacing a power steering return line is a little bit tricky. First disconnect the end from the cooler, then th eother end from the gear. The line has very complex configuration. First remove it from the cooler, then rotate the gear side end and pull it out. ATTENTION!!! I highly recommend to put it IMMEDIATELY back in reverse. You might want to repeat those steps several times just to remember the steps... After removal I had a few beers with the mechanic I rent a hoist occasionally from and could not figure out how to put the freaking thing back for two hours! :lol: So did my mechanic! :lol: I had to spend the night at his home. Thanks God, they are all good people. I woke up early morning and put the line back in a few minutes :blink: Go figure! :lol: BTW, I pumped the power steering fluid as well, refilled and then bleeded the system by turning the steering wheel from side to side forty times. AVOID the stops, otherwise you'll get some leaks from the gear. I had leaks during the procedure, but everything looks great right now. The PS return line was aftermarket, GM discontinued that part. The rest was OEM, of course.

Just wanted to share my experience with folks with 4.* engines since our great Caddies are getting older, and some parts need replacement anyway.

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