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head gasket and timeserting


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okay i have a99 cadi deville okay my car has been over heating every time i got to work. i have change the thermastat then the cap then the radiator it was leakin i have no leaks that i can see. i have gotten sick of the overheatin problem so im tryin to replace the headgasket myself lol big mistake now i got everythin off all i need to do is headers bolts and water pump assembly and the head bolts i have remove 5 head bolts one bolt came off with the threds off and the rest with crap in the threds heres my question if i take this car to a GM dealer to get it timesertin and the gasket done ,will they do it? and will it be expensive.? or wat should i do and i need it by wensday to go to work

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Call your local dealership and ask to speak to the Service Manager and describe your situation. Certainly they will be willing to service the car, but it will likely not be ready by Wednesday, and they will charge you full head gasket repair pricing. I would be surprised if they would agree to time sert it with the engine in the car and return it, but it is worth a try; costs nothing to ask.

To do it yourself you need a time sert kit; occasionally one can find them on ebay, and of course time sert sells them. It will take up to a week to 10 days for the kit to arrive.

I think you are likely to need to arrange alternate transportation, perhaps for up to 2-3 weeks. You can rent an economy car for $149 a week or so at most national rentals; that's what Budget shows on their site. Another alternate is to look in the local greensheet, autotrader, or similar free advertisement, for a under $500 driver that you can then resell after the Cadillac is repaired.


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You will most likely need to remove the engine from the car to do the work. A few on the board have Timeserted the block with the engine in the car. I Timeserted my '97 and was going to do it with the engine in the car but decided to pull the block anyway.

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Did you research what's involved in doing a N* headgasket job? You'll need the timeserts (as Bruce said) and it's a different procedure from older v-8's. The easiest way is to drop the cradle out the bottom and do the work with the engine still mounted in the cradle, not with the engine in the car.

Bruce's advice to look at alternate transportation while you finish the Caddy is good advice. You'll have about 40-60 hours (possibly more) doing this job at home. A dealer will have about 30 in it because of the lift and air tools. That'll still cost you about $3000. Doing it youself will be about $500 depending on the timsert cost (reselling or getting used). Obviously a dealer won't have it done by Wed. Renting a car for a week or two is still gonna save you a bunch of money over having the dealer do it.

You should get the factory manual and check out these sites:




The last two are similar but there are some differences.

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