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low refrig comp off


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My 2000 Eldo displays low refrig comp off, That was odd to me because my air worked fine, blew ice cold. So anyways I tried to recharge the system because I have read here that being a small bit low on freon can trigger that, but can't do that because the comp won't turn on,tried by passig the sensors that are on the air conditioner lines but that didn't work.Cleared the codes with engine running and AC on that didn't work either. If I disconnect the freon can from the line the only thing that comes out is hot air no oil or freon, that seems odd to me. Now I have a service AC, along with my low refrig message. My question is how do you get the system recharged if you cannot get the compressor to come on?

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I got that last year and it turned out that the reed valves on the compressor had worn out. This was at about 100,000 miles. I got a new compressor at the dealer and everything has been nice since then.

I would have it looked at by either the dealer or an A/C shop that you trust. If it is the compressor, I don't think you can beat the GM warranty. I didn't check prices at other shops.

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Your problem is that you cleared the DTC's with the A/C on. It emmediately detected low refrigerant and reset the DTC, thereby disabling the compressor again. Turn the A/C off and clear the DTC's. Now hook up the recharge can, open the valve and hold the can upside down so the freon enters as a liquid. Now have some one turn on the A/C. It should take the charge before the low pressure switch trips again.

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