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Ranger's 2003 DHS

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Ranger, Nice write-up on the trip. IMO theres nothing more adventerous/exciting than buying a car and doing a road trip, since at our age, "first dates" are just out of the question.

And if you really "want to walk on the wild side" buy it on line.

Hats off to you.....

Now for a pic of ole Bruce......

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Hey Larry.

Seems to me you sort of became a mentor for me after I did a fairly similar run 2 years ago when I flew down to Dallas/ Ft Worth to pick up my 94 Eldo. Sounds like things went great. I am happy for you.

I just put new Ebay purchased OEM front struts on the Caddy after sitting on them for a year and a half. I am sure glad I held on to them . Noises are gone , as I had hoped, and CORNERING is back. I didn't know the cornering had left, but with the new struts, I can tell now that it had.

Your new ride looks beautiful. Maybe I'll see her in the near future, you are not too far away.


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Thanks Kent. Yeah, it's a shame we have not gotten together yet as close as we are. We need to make it a point to do that one of these days.

I hear ya Bill. It was an adventure, and a pleasant one at that. Funny you should mention a picture of Bruce as I was just thinking that mtflight should have brought his car with and we should have had a pic of all three of us by the cars. Hind sight is always 20/20.

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Ranger picked up his 2003 DHS from Waxahatchie, Texas, south of Dallas Friday. mtflight put him up for the night in Plano, then he was headed back to Illinois on Saturday.

Luckily, since mtflight lives here in Plano, we were all able to get together for dinner Friday night:

IPB Image

Ranger's 2003 DHS looks great in person. Looks new, smells new, certified used car warranty. According to Ranger he never shoulda been in an SLS at all; the DHS has such a better ride.

IPB Image

We had steaks and spent 3 hours over dinner and car talk. A very nice evening out, and good to meet people in person as well as on the forum.

Ranger should have good test drive info for us after his 14 hour drive home.


Nice dhs The world is getting smaller all the time I have had good luck buying cars in other states and countries too..Hard to go wrong with an certified caddy It's the best warranty IMHO..


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