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The Slantback



So within the first month of driving the ville i have noticed that there are only two reactions that this certain bodystyle gets. People either love it or hate it. At this point it's been a decent 80/20 split between love/hate. But one thing is for sure they will let you know about it! Granted it's a classic cadillac and being noticed comes with the turf, but it's a new area for me to drive a car that everyone has an opinion of. Honestly it's neat but i really don't want to talk to half the people who decide to talk to me. Some i don't mind so much "chicks dig cadillacs busted grille and all wink.gif " . I have noticed that the people who like the car are measurably more creative than those who rag on it. While the compliments range from "vintage", "sexy" and "gangster" the put downs are always "it's the ugliest car i have ever seen." and then something is metioned about either giving the car back to my grandpa or asking if i can fit all my grandkids in it.
Yet out of all the random "$.02"s worth i have recieved, it's all about the slantback. i don't quite understand it myself. i guess cadillac did take a chance making something that distinct it would stir some kinda crazyness up. sadly as i keep working on the ville, it will just gain more attention and as annoying as it will be, there won't be too much i can do about it. i just hope people cool it with the grandparent schtick!

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Yes, it was a polarizing look at the time also I believe.

Miss Manners recommends responding to inappropriate remarks just as if the person had made an appropriate remark: "Why, Thank you for noticing my Cadillac. I love it." Or similar. Then continue on your way, considering the conversation complete.

This gives the person who offers a put down an opportunity to reflect on their remark, while attempting to save them from the faux pas of being rude to a complete stranger.
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