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Pics and a grille!



so finally i as able to get some pictures of my ville up for everyone to enjoy! you can see them at http://photobucket.com/85seville

also i was able to track down a replacement grille from a local junkyard (u-wrench-it, not to be confused with u-pull-it.) now replacing the grille won't be as easy as just unbolt, rebolt. the driver side mount are on the half of the grille that is currently in my trunk. the good news is that in this case plastic will save me. i have to do a little Frankensteining with the little chunks of plastis, but i have all the part and with a good adhesive it'll be gravy and gap tooth no longer. i also plan on spray painting the grille to help protect it. also i will now have an extra cadillac tag from off the busted grille, anybody need it?
next on the agenda is to replace the leaky radiator, due to the hissing that i am hearing i'm 98% sure it's not just a hose. the leak is not so bad that i have to refill the reservoir every time i stop, i just have to top it off everyday or too. then i have a cracked wiper fluid reservoir, and then it will be all in running order. that is when i will begin to turn my attention to the chipped paint on the hood especially. then it will be on to the little things on the inside. it's pretty clean aside from the saggy headliner, which considering it's age, not a surprise.
then of coarse i neat some music going in it. the radio works kinda, it's not the original, it looks like it the first cd player clarion made for cars. good news i have a buddy who works at an electronics store with a pretty nice discount wink.gif. as always feedback is welcome, let me know what ya think.


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