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  1. one thing that hasn't been mentioned is how gm and all the other car companies set themselves up for failure. the whole way they stay in business is buy trying to sell a durable good like a consumable. which works when people are making money, but when things get tighter like they have been they suffer. frankly America could survive quite well if there wasn't even another car built for the next ten years, we have plenty just sitting.
  2. still better than a "if we have it it will be in the yard"
  3. if only my local yards where that organized.
  4. just wanted to bounce this off people, but would there be any interest in making a parts co-op for hard to find parts, or thing you can't find in your area. i go to my local junkards about once a month and tragically i see a alot of good parts just get crushed . not sure how all the details would work out, like i said just looking for thoughts at this point.
  5. thank you regis. i do think though that it will work itself out, although, it would have been worked out quicker and cheaper if the 700 billion bail out was given to taxpayers rather than banks, simular to the stimulas checks problme would have been solved overnight...the economy is the only problem you can throw money at and it will fix it.
  6. i actually wrote a big rant about that today, it's a premise of telling people it's not george bush's fault, here is most of it. The two major things that caused this where A) the sub-prime mortgage fiasco and B)record high oil prices both of which hit there worst point at nearly the same time. Both of those issues can be attributed to deregulation in our economy since the 1930's. If you want to blame a president, blame Roosevelt! First the price per barrel, it hit a record high and gas prices soared. The prices went so high that food prices started to rise. Now not everybody drives, but everybody eats. With these 2 fundamental prices raised, people had to start watching where they spent their money, and as we all know less spending=worse economy. But why did the prices get so high? Did the supply change dramatically? no. did our ability to process crude change significantly? no. What happened? Speculation! It artificially drove the prices up and up. Nothing proves this better than it's dramatic drop recently. what could have prevented this? maybe a government that decides to take at least a look at what's going on, a s.e.c. that gives a *smurf*. a little regulation to keep the speculators out of the market and let the price rise and fall based on real events. The only way George bush affected this, aside from being part of a government failure that has lasted over the last 70 years, is the war with Iraq. but as we have seen that has had little effect as to the price of oil aside from the initial burst, and in the long run may actually bring gas prices down. The next issue is the media named "mortgage meltdown". this was a combination of banks fooling people into signing crazy loans that lack stability and the whole sub-prime mortgage fiasco. Frankly the banks already have a system in place that would have prevented the sub-prime mortgage mess. It' called credit. They gave huge loans out to people who, by the banks own reckoning, where going to pay them back and whoa surprise, they didn't. That blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the banks that gave those loans out. The other half is all the crazy mortgages that people with good credit signed with the idea that it would end up saving them money in the long run, which at the time it did. but now, lots of them owe more than their house is even worth. while these loans should never have even been offered, you can't really fault the bank for wanting to make more money(seriously that's the only reason they are around), you can blame that on the American consumer's nearsightedness. so now pretty much everyone who had a home loan now has bad credit, so they can't get another loan, so large amount of money is being spent, our economy goes south. George Bush didn't make anybody sign for those, and he shares the blame with the rest of the government for the failure to manage what the banks offered. The last thing i will note is that while the dow jones had dropped dramatically recently, under who's presidency did it hit it's record high? oh yeah George Bush. but as everyone should know a big peak, means a deep valley, which is BASIC economics. this will hopefully prove to end up being just the kick in the pants that we all need to get on top on our money! also i hope that this does for the s.e.c. what hurricane katrina did for fema, making them more proactive, instead of strictly reactive. if you read all of that I applaud and thank you, if I’m way off let me know.
  7. the first batch of pic of my '85 Seville. it is a work in progress but i still think it's sick http://photobucket.com/85seville
  8. i think this election will be closer than this poll indicates. at this point i am undecided, but leaning toward the mccain/palin ticket. i don't mind obama, i hate joe biden. thing that worries me about mccain is his age. while i think sarah palin would be a fine vp, i don't think she's ready to be presidant just yet.
  9. So, if you see me taking a position that you want to attack or for me to defend, you will be disappointed. I don't do that. If posts in this thread draw fire no matter what I say, I'll abandon it. I'm horrified that Sharah Palin shoots game from helicopters as you mentioned in post #12; do you have any links that I can look at to learn more about it? First off, no one, including myself attacked your comments. I merely wanted to offer up a correction as additional information. Many times we only know about actors and actresses as information that which the media puts forth. I just thought I would let you see that they are for the most part, thinking and educated people. As for Sarah Palin, she put forth laws allowing the aerial shooting of wolves. However, I also read somewhere that she also took part in a shooting herself. Below is a video of this situation concerning her pushing of the law. I'll continue to look for the information which shows she was an actual part of the shooting but regardless, to put forward such a law is barbaric to say the least. I really don't think she encompasses my ideal of a "woman". She seems more like a "tough broad" who uses her "sexuality" to manipulate people. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object> i would just like to point out that the footage of the plane and the shooters in this commercial are from the '70s. it's edited in with a more recent wolf footage.
  10. i've had my cadillac less than a moth and already i've used this forum for help. y'all have been great so far. i'll do my best to return the favor.
  11. my ville needs a new radiator, i have found one on ebay that is at least $100 less than i've seen anywhere else, is it a good deal? or will i get what i pay for http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/82-83-84-85...emZ260294811241 thanks for the help.
  12. my 85 seville got backed into at a gas station by a suburban. the grill took the blow and split in 2. so i'm looking for a grill that will fit and the piece that it bolts to. the suburban driver took off before anyone got plate #'s off of it.
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