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the first 72hrs



i purchsed a 1985 seville from my uncle about three weeks ago. he was the second owner and he had owned it since 1990 when he manged to buy it off of his wife's uncle estate. her uncle bought it new in 85. it only cost me $1200 ( he cut me a deal being family, it was also the second vechile i had bought off the man). the body had about 167,500 miles, the engine had 67,500. he had a remanufactured put in at 100,000 and i have the recipt from the shop that did the work. by 23yr old daily driver standards the interior is prety clean. there is some surface rust and paint chips espacially on the hood from driving in the country. he is fairly handy with cars and keep it in very decent running order. it had effectively been parked for around 2yrs before i bought it but runs great. drove it home from blair, ne to omaha, ne no problems (from his place to mine about 50min. highway speeds 90% of the time).
the next day however is when the problem started. since it had parked for a while, you should expect problems related too that, in my case the starter siezed up on me. i managed with the help of the aaa guy to get it started again by jacking it up and banging on the starter. was able to drive it to the shop (ame automotive in omaha, ne). there i parked kind of in the driveway but with plenty of room to get by me by me. the next day when i back to pick it up from getting a new starter, my mechcanic notified me that his neighbor's son had rear-ended me. the good news it wasn't THAT asfar as it is still just as driveable, the damage he caused basically just destroy the bumper filler pieces and stuck the impact absorder in place. also good news the man was fully insured. good news because the estimate for repair is around $1200.
so that was all gravy, but on the third day i was parked at a gas station, i went in to use the crapper and when i come back out a few ppl are staring at the front of my car. that's when some one let me know that a moron in a suburban backed into the front of my ride. it broke the grill into 2 pieces and the piece it bolts to. also a very small dent in to hood. they didn't leave a note and nobody got plate numbers, but they did leave $40 in my wiper blades.
that pissed me off a bit, but what can ya do. pictures should be on the web in a week or so, so stay tuned for that.


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