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why AAA is a good thing



so knowing full well what i was getting into when i bought the 'ville, it still irks and disappoints me when bad things happen. it being a 23 year old car, with a motor that has a notorious rep. and it having sat for the better part of two years, i fully expect things to not be 100% all the time. But it's the timing on these things that aren't always the best. the most recent example of this it when it decied to lose spark on me when i was out applying for jobs, so instead of spending the afternoon at home waiting for the shop to be done with it. Being a AAA member bailed me out again. Aside from the wait sometimes they have been great! The $90 or so each year gets you 4 tows, and many discounts places.(note: i was not paid in any way shape or form for that endoresment...sadly) good news it wasn't anything too major just ignition module and pick up coil. the repair itself didn't take too long, but while the car was at the shop they lost power so i was not able to even contact them until around their closing time. i was still able to get my car that day, since my mechcanic know's he's going to get my money...at some point. this happend thursday, this being sunday, good news for Bill i'm showing up monday.
That brings me to something a little off topic, my luck with vehicles has not been the best. I sat down and thought about how much money i have spent at that shop in the past 3 years or so, and holy crap. i could have paid to put myself through a car repair program at a local community college! also now i live close enough to my work that i could reasonablely ride a bike everyday and save a large amount of money without having a car. But i also realize that hell, it's my money i will spend it how i want to( also winter in nebraska gets brutal at times.)
i also want to give a quick update about my backend damage, i am still waiting on the guy to talk to his insurance, i know he's not yanking my chain since i was standing in the room when he called them. i expect to hear back from him monday here and will keep you all posted. good news is the guy who hit me is my mechanic's brother in law and his business is right next door to the shop.


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