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  1. last one, tail shot...
  2. here's an interior you could eat off of... Not that I'd let you though! LOL
  3. Nice clean, powerful Northstar!
  4. heres the rear qtr shot
  5. Sorry it took so long! Here's a couple pics from the original ad and a couple I took when I got her back to the hacienda...
  6. Wow! There's a good example of why I truly love this site! You guys are the best, what a wealth of knowledge! I think I'll likely do the same Kevin... I can't see tearing into it right now. My wife would lock me outa the house! She says I already spend too much time working on the cars! LOL I need to get moving on the Firebird project again too! 😄
  7. Yup, just one code and all else is well! The pearl white beauty is in the garage! Been so busy with work today I couldn't get any pics, and the front is plastered with bugs form the late-night arrival last evening. What a great ride though! So smooth and really comfortable seats. Cant say I love the console cover though, a little stiff for my liking and the stitching rubs against your arm at times... I think I will just drive it for a while and see how this trans code thing pans out. As I said, I lived with it in the Sprucegoose... I did note I got 24.5 mpg on the 190 mile trip home last night, most of that was at about 72-80mph with a few good WOT exercises to let her breathe! What a beautiful family we bought this from also! The guy was just so sincere and pleasant to talk to... He gave me lots of extra new items also, filters, belts, wiper blades! His wife and young son came out to meet us also. The scariest part of the eve was when my wife and I were on the test drive and this fool pulled from a T-intersection right out in front of me in a big pickup! It was all I could do to not pile into him at 50mph! Man those brakes and my quick reaction saved me, thank you God! I will try and post a couple pics I got from the original ad (I found it on craigslist) tomorrow if possible. Getting late here and 4:30 am comes quick! Excited for the first trip to work, should make my 120 mi. per day commute much more comfortable and enjoyable!
  8. Thanks Bruce! I see you moved into an ATS_V! This a great ride!
  9. Hi guys, well it been quite a while since I posted here! I do browse now and then, especially to relive great memories of my two Eldos of the past Such great participation and information here! Now I'm seriously looking at jumping into a really nice diamond white 2003 Seville SLS. Found it today and going drive it home tomorrow hopefully! Will certainly give you a full report soon, but looking forward to being back in the fold here. The Audi A4 is still doing fine, but I've gotten a little tired of all the shifting with the stick in rush hr. traffic, and she does have 250K on it now! The only concern with the SLS is the dreaded P0741 code... My original Sprucegoose '93 Eldo had this, and I just lived with it... I couldn't see digging into fixing the seal or solenoid myself, or spending the $ to have a shop do it... I may just vow the same here, we will see how she drives. Sounds like he has really pampered it, staying on top of all the maint. and waxing semi annually. My kind of owner! Tell ya more later!
  10. Nice! Congrats to you both on a fine selection of a car for her! I believe that is thew same 2.0 Ecotec turbo motor I had in my Chevy HHR SS and I was super impressed with it. The combo of power and mileage was really outstanding! Not to mention she's got a sweet looking car! I'd love to see pics of it when you get a chance, haven't seen one with that color combo.
  11. Glad to hear you found this flaw in the brake line. Can be very dangerous to have the hose fail on you in an emergency stop situation! I personally had this happen earlier this year and it scared the crap out of me! I almost rear ended this old lady who suddenly decided to stop in front of me, think she was lost… My foot went right to the floor and I barely missed her as i swerved to avoid the hit! Fortunately there wasn't anyone coming from opposite direction... I had to drive home with a lot of downshifting and E-brake use (after my round of golf of course!) Left a pretty good size puddle of brake fluid in the parking lot at the course! My replacement hose came with the horseshoe clip also if I remember correctly...
  12. Hey gang! Just wanted to stop back in and say hi. I still frequent the boards, just haven't seen much that I can contribute with lately… I did wash up the A4 yesterday and remembered I promised to post pics… Still very happy with this ride but do have a DTC related to Cat Con or O2 sensor I need to conquer... file://localhost/Users/djcr/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library/Previews/2014/07/20/20140720-145432/ZOkZe4FsTfek4jdd3iP0SQ/IMG_4007.jpg
  13. Thanks guys, I certainly have enjoyed my Caddys also! Thinking about it, this is only the 3rd out of all 35+ cars I have owned that are non-GM! Getting a lot of flack from my buddies because of that! There is an "over-engineered" 'feel to some things! Had to call the previous owner a few times to figure some things out! Need to study the manuals more I think! Sounds like the new owner of the Eldo has her running great now, so I'm feeling a little better about that! It funny, there are so many times where I've let others use my car (including my wife) and things would go south... What's up with that! Like the car had an attitude after being passed on to someone besides me! I'll post some pics if the A4 (AKA Sylvia) once I get her cleaned up here. Waiting for rainy weather to cooperate! Main concern now is my wife may be enjoying driving it a little TOO much!
  14. Well, the time came to say goodbye to another great Caddy! I sent the '98 Elodrado off to a good home where she'll be treated well I'm sure. The new owner is an engineer also, and he bought it for his daughter. Although "Black Betty" did throw a hissy fit when he took her... he didn't even make it home! I felt so bad, but I did send him some cash to help him pay for repairs. I had replaced the alternator a week or so prior, and apparently that siezed and took ot the sepentine belt. Then when that snapped or whipped the radiator it popped a hole there, so that had to be replaced! Left him stranded on the road... Not good for your first road trip! Anyway, will miss that car dearly and the roar of the N* V8 with the dynomax mufflers! That sound was always music to my ears! I bought a slick little 02 Audi A4 with 6spd manual and am real pleased with that car. Very clean and drives so nice also! Will keep in touch and comment on the forum as I have time! Adios for now!
  15. Yup, aftermarket. OEM was over 3x the price, but I guess u get what you pay for though...