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I want my CD's :(

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Hey All! Been reading through the forums to find out options for adding a changer to the Caddy. It has the stock low budget system in it. I look in the trunk to try and find the changer cable, and all I see is 25 pin D-Sub connector (like a printer or serial cable has). What the heck is this cable? I'm positive this isn't for the changer - so what is it for? I thought the OBD-II connector was under the dash panel! If I somehow managed to secure a head unit that will talk to the changer and an associated changer, am I gonna have to make (ok, "make" is an understatment, more like engineer :blink: ) a harness to put a changer in? Any other suggestions? I have on old pioneer 12 disc RF jobbie, but want to stay way away from that if I can. Would rather have a "factory" system, it works fine for what it is intended for. Further, does the cd changer control head unit move up to the bose premium sound mess with all the separate amps at the speakers? I don't mind a weekend project, but don't want a nightmare! :o

Thanks, everyone makes this a great place to discuss Cads!

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The subject of your original post was once discussed on the old message board, almost one year ago. Indeed, the 25-pin connector that you described finding in your vehicle was intended for use with the factory-installed cellular phone system (made by Hughes Electronics), which also formed the basis for the first-generation OnStar system that became available in MY '97.

The factory-installed, trunk-mounted CD changer option became available in '96, but it was available only with the uplevel, amplified audio systems. So, the wiring for the changer was not present in "base" vehicles such as yours. That situation changed in '97.

The easiest way to add a CD changer to your vehicle is to use the Pioneer RF modulated system that you already have in your possession. The only alternative for making a "factory" installation is to upgrade the entire audio system (radio, amplifiers, speakers, wiring, relays). While technically feasible, this process would be expensive and very time-consuming -- it is not practical, in my opinion. :(

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