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The dealers trying to F me

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Yes Sireeeeee. Just pay me my low retainer fee and I'll sue anyone you choose.

On the other hand if you want the noise repaired it might be best to talk civily, as opposed to advisarily, to the dealer and find out what they did/heard and arrive at an acceptable solution.

Hard to say much more given the limited info in the post.

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First you should take the car back to the Dealer and make sure the service writer understands the problem. Then, if he is not helpful, ask to speak to his manager. Then, when he is not helpful, ask him how to elevate your concern/problem to the regional Cadillac rep.

This part of the discussion is really to continue the discussion with the dealership, to help them decide whether it is worth their time to have you complain to Cadillac, and whether they feel you will actually sue or not. Your goal is to be as clear as possible as to what the problem is, and as clear as possible as to what they need to do to solve it.

At all times be perfectly courteous. When presented with a hard line from the dealer, one should be almost apologetic that you will have to take them to court to resolve the problem. Be clear that legal fees and time are acceptable to you, that you are more interested in the fair solution than taking the 'easy' way out and not getting your car fixed properly.

Meanwhile, it is useful to talk to a lawyer and ensure you have a reasonable case. At issue may be that they did fix something in the transmission, but they did not put a new transmission on, nor did you pay for a new transmission. Sometimes noises in a transmission are very much in the ears of the beholder so to speak. The 4T60e trannies used to make a loud whining noise from their side bearings which might last for decades; it was not a sign of imminent failure, just was a noise. And changing the bearings may or may not be a long term fix; the new ones might start whining as well after a while.

But being perfectly clear in your communications with the Dealer as to what the problem is, and what you want done about it, and being courteous at all times, are the best plan. Document everything; what day you talk to them, what you reported, etc. If they tell you things, ask for it in writing on a service report. If they don't give it to you in writing, write down who said what to you on what day and time.

Now, all that said, you take the car in with a transmission whine. The shop opens the tranny, finds a fault, and fixes it. The tranny still whines in your case. Perhpas it had more than one thing wrong with it. So now, if they open it back up and fix the other thing they have new costs, and you have new costs. They can't promise that your transmission will be good as new after a service unless they put a new transmission in.


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