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Ranger this is Cassey can you help?


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I got you response and went right out and tried it... I had noticed when replacing the part that the old one had some lay in it ( like plunger/ went in and out some) but the new one does not they look exactly alike though. I tried with my finger and would not budge then with a screw driver no movement at all... do you think I could have a faulty part or ????

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Cassie, or is it Cassey?

This could be the start of an interesting new contest "What part am I talking about!". :D

I certainly agree that Ranger is a wealth of knowledge, but there might be a few other feeble-minded folks here that could offer an opinon as well. ;)

I'll play tho - so here is my first guess (assuming we are even talking about a Caddy part):

Could this part be a PCV valve? :unsure:

Lone Ranger ...where are you...? :P

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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