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Transmission flush


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Not to make light of this person's predicament, but here is yet another tale of woe related to "flushing" transmission fluid (quoting part of a current thread on the other Cadillac board):

"My tranny is whining bad and s pretty much on it's way out it seems. The dealer who flushed it 2k miles ago doesn't seem to give a rats *smurf*, and wants me to buy a $3900 transmission."


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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I have had flushes done on both my Cad & Mtneer. The machines used can no way put old, possibly contaminated fluid, into the transmission. Not gonna happen, at least with the set up I saw.

On a neglected (never changed) high mileage trans a flush/exchange could loosen some crud that will plug a valve body and cause problems. A flush, which is really just an exchange as no additional pressure is used, is not a bad thing if done correctly.

I speak only from my experiance.....

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Yea the worst part is that he SPECIFICALLY told the dealership NOT to flush the transmission...And they went ahead and did it anyway!!!!....THEN told him "hey buddy..It would have cost $2000" to change the screens...Sorry..this is the only way we can change it" (or something to that effect) ...I would be on the phone with a lawyer and/or a GM zone manager right now if I were him :angry:


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