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Heat Seaping Through Dash Vent???


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For about the last week or so I have noticed areas and patches of fog on the passenger side of the windshield, which seems to be coming from the dash vents. At first I thought maybe it was excess build up of some sort, so I cleaned the windshield good. The problem is still happeneing. The wierd thing is it is only on the passenger side of the window and I notice it accumilates after I stop the car after driving for some time, like as if for some reason the passenger side vent is seaping out with some sort of heat and its fogging up the window. Has any had this type of problem before? My car is a 1997 Deville D'elegance. Thanks in advance. Gil

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Does the car smell like antifreeze? (maple donut type of smell)

If so, your heater core may be leaking.

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I agree with KHE. If you are getting condensation on the windshield when you shut down it is likely that your heater core has a small leak. A dose of sealant tabs or Bars Leak Gold MAY help.

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