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My dad is looking at a new Escalade ESV from the PEP program. He wants to know which plant the truck was assembled in. More specifically, he doesn't want one assembled in Mexico. I know the first digit of the VIN will tell me what country it was assembled in (1 or 4 for USA, 3 for Mexico), but I would also like to know which plant. Do you have a list of all the GM assembly plant codes?



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I can help answer that question, but I have bad news for your Dad. If he wants the Escalade ESV, they are assembled only in Silao, Mexico. Ditto for the EXT model. There is on Escalade model assembled in the good ol' USA and that is the XT. GM's Arlington plant builds that one. If you know what the VIN is, I can also check the warranty history before he tags it if you like. Let me know. Rick

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Not a direct answer regarding codes, but the Escalade EXT and Escalade ESV are only made in Silao, Mexico.

The "base" Escalade is made in Arlington, Texas.


nice product summary (requires adobe reader):



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OK, OK, technically I didn't answer your question. The first position of the vin does indicate the country of origion. For the '04 MY, GM has three separate tables to translate VIN codes. The first is for Passenger Cars, the second is for Light Duty Truck and Multipurpose Passenger Vehicle (MPV) and lastly Medium Duty Truck.

Escalade would use the Light Duty Truck VIN system. Vin position 1 has five possible values:

1, 4, 5 = US Built

2 = Canadian Built

3 = Mexico Built

The combination of the first three VIN positions makes up what is called the World Make Identifier. Not counting incomplete vehicles (hearse, limo, etc) a '04 Cadillac will have either 1GY or 3GY as it's first three VIN positions.

The actual code for the assembly plant is in VIN position #11. GM has 26 truck assembly plants worldwide but only two assemble Escalades. Their values are:

G = Silao

R = Arlington

If you need more detailed info, send me an email address or a fax # and I'll get you a copy of the '04 MY VIN card. Rick

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Yo ThisOne,

The rims are the optional factory chromes but the tires are aftermarket Vogues. I'm not postive I like the look, always been a fan of dressed blackwall and polished chromes. I'll decide if I want to change them later. Heck, I won't even have the car until this weekend. Bought it on eBay last Thursday and will fly to Chicago this Saturday to drive her home. I just pray she's up for the trip.


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