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Fuel rail recall done on '97 Deville


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Hi guys,

Had the recall performed on my '97 Deville yesterday (finally).

I noted that they did not install the flexible plastic wire conduit over the spark plug wires as shown in one of the recall sheets I viewed. Are these needed for the N* recall?

Maybe these were not needed or they didn't do it right......

Pulling the beauty cover today to check their work. Past experience with this dealer requires an inspection.

Comments appreciated. It's going back if they didn't do the work per the procedure. :angry:

If anyone has a copy of the recall procedure for the N* I'd appreciate getting one to share with the dealer in case I need to go back. ;)

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Same here. Mine did not have them when I brought it in, but did when I got it back. Be advised, it is not uncommon to develop a misfire after the recall. Happened to me. Just be prepared and if it happens, replace the wires.

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