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  1. Doing good thanks! Will document everything I do and report back. Take care!
  2. Thanks for all the great information! You are a wealth of knowledge. I'm trying to beat my 1991 Lexus LS400 that I got up to 155mph in the desert before. (GPS confirmed) That Lexus has only 250hp and 260tq, Front engine RWD. Can you image if GM had built the STS with RWD? The wrecking yard wouldn't be so full of them here I guarantee it. One other top speed record I did was a 1990 Honda Prelude Si 4WS with 140hp got it to 130mph (GPS confirmed) very light and aerodynamic car. Are the 2008 DTS's immune to the head gasket issue with regular coolant changes? I'm also seeing the 2006-2011 DTS's start to come into the wrecking yards now.
  3. A few small mods on the STS: SLS inner larger tail lights (1 more bulb per side and no more Euro plate gap) and the 2000-2005 17" DTS "Turbo Fan" wheels and of course 2% limo tint all the way around to blend in with the blk/blk color scheme. Front window has 70% "clear" tint to block the harsh Nevada desert sun. SLS hood since someone backed into mine and it was the only decent black one I could find at that time so I have 2 emblems in front.
  4. Thanks for the compliment! I have access to any Northstar powered car parts you need out here in the Nevada desert, they are still plentiful and rust free. Is there any worry about the head gasket issue on the 2008 DTS?
  5. I'll go past redline then, hehehe I thought there was something about the torque converter not locking up at top speed. I do know the non Z rated 1996 STS's were top speed fuel cut off rated at 130mph because I've seen it a few times on my STS's DIC The Z rated cars I always thought were limited to 150-155 (drag limited or fuel cut off limited) I'm not sure. NP says it will remove the top speed limiter with the stage 3 tune but maybe that's for the 130mph limited cars. I will not be changing the transmission gear ratio's, don't wanna deal with any issues from that. I've gotten 2nd gear chirps with stock 4T80E's before many times. I do think the VIN Y engines are more everyday user friendly with the torque down low where you use it most. Whatever I do it will be video documented.
  6. I remember Scotty AKA Body By Fisher I still have my 1996 STS and it still needs a freshly studded Norsthar block using the kit from NP. Basically I'm going to re-power her along with the 50hp Stage 3 tune from NP and a tire burning shift kit for the 4T80E when it hits 2nd gear. I will then try to get above 155mph since my speed limiter will be removed out in the desert. (new set of Z rated tires installed first) Does this sound like a good plan? Do you have better advice for me?
  7. Thanks, I still have the Riviera! My first car!
  8. I was thinking of studding the used engine that I was going to swap in. I don't have the time to repair the original engine and am having a shop do a swap for me for $800.00 I'm on my second transmission and will be replacing the torque converter during the swap to fix the lockup stuck on code.
  9. I have 270k on this engine and the head gaskets went out but I kept on driving it in Limp home mode maybe 30 times so I was thinking to just replace it with a low mileage engine or a studded replacement engine. The engine I have now does still run good until it gets hot.
  10. Can someone point me to where it says what year range of engines I can use for my 96 STS? Thanks!
  11. Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but it's worth checking it out and it should bring a smile to your face: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbuDRA4zNbw&feature=player_embedded#!
  12. Anybody know what size socket fits the axle nut is on a 1996 STS? Thanks!
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that the A/C comp clutch bearing has been making noise for a while now so thats probably exactly what happened.
  14. I took it to Cadillac of Las Vegas West because I had a lifetime warranty on the compressor although it was originally replaced at Bellevue Cadillac in Washington state. They replaced the compressor and put in the hot climate orifice tube that I requested and all is well now. The A/C is now the coldest it's ever been since I've owned this STS. The last compressor was replaced in 2003 and went 100K miles. Total bill was $0.00
  15. OK, A/C comp fuse was blown so I replaced it and everything worked again (A/C and cooling fans) for about 10 mins and then the fuse blew again. What do you think, bad A/C comp coil?
  16. Both of my radiator fans are not turning. Anybody have any experience with this code and know how to fix it?
  17. Anybody been able to fix the problem this code is reporting. Do I replace the O2 sensor after the cat?
  18. The bearing is going out on the original compressor so it's very noisy at the moment but the AC still functions. I tried to replace the bearing and was not able to remove the coil under the clutch so I thought I would just replace the whole compressor that I got off ebay for $10
  19. I just bought a used A/C compressor on ebay for my 1996 STS, It doesn't appear to have any oil in it. Where do I put in the compressor oil and how much do I put in it? What kind of oil do I use.
  20. Mine are also metal until after they come through the fender well.
  21. "With the SG102 stud kit, there is a full 2 inches of coarse thread holding the heads down. The most of any Northstar repair kit. The best part? The threads are already in the block when you torque the heads down- with studs, all of the torquing is done on top with high strength nuts instead of twisting a steel bolt in the aluminum block under load. This is so much better for the engine and reduces the chance of the block cracking down to less than 0.5%" Because of this statement I think I will try them if my head gaskets go.
  22. This looks like a pretty good product: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Cadillac-No...sQ5fAccessories
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