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I jusy picked up my new boat, I used my Dodge PU. Well, it took a 1/4 tank to go 50 miles so I swaped over to the Caddy to make another 50 mile run. Thinking that the caddy V8 would not come close to the PU in preformance not to mention the handeling. I was surprised that the Caddy beat the PU in handling, and the amount of mash your motor that it took to get the 1500Lbs rolling! It really really towed easyily in comparison. As always, with the caddy it was a pleasure, with the Dodge 4wdV8 it was a chore and an obvious drain on my wallet. Obviously I have to buy a new tow vehicle if the SLS is whipping the Truck. Any suggestions? I need 4wd for fire trail into deep woods cabin and seats for four. Do they make a 4wd SLS?

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1/4 tank in 50 miles????? Now I know where the acronym Drips Oil, Drips Gas Everywhere originates. :lol:

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