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The dealer did mine; I have had good luck with emailing brassington; see their quote request at gmotors.com and they will email back a quote.


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The dog bones are easy to replace. Don't even have to jack the engine one way or the other. As long as you're on level ground, there should be no tension on the dog bones. Just unbolt them and replace them.

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On my 93' STS it was pretty easy. Its harder to write the instructions.

Support the engine with a bottle jack or floor jack.

Drain and remove the radiator, (good time to freshen up the coolant and Bars Leak Sealant).

Note as you will need to detach the transmission and engine oil cooler lines make provisions to catch the small amounts of oil that will drip/drain out. Do not lose the O-ring seals that go on these lines.

Remove the two nuts from the frame to the bottom of the mount.

Remove the four bolts that attach the mounting bracket to the engine.

Lift out carefully to avoid damage to the AC condenser.

Slip in the new motor mount/bracket and attach the two nuts to the bottom of the mount. At this time just snug the nuts.

Raise or lower engine as needed to align bracket to engine bolts. Tighten to approximately 35 ft lbs.

Tighten the bottom nuts to approximately 35 ft lbs.

Remove jack from engine area.

Replace radiator, add two tubes of Bars Leak Gold to the lower radiator hose.

Reattach the transmission and engine oil cooler lines with their O-ring seals.

Add 50/50 mix of antifreeze to surge tank.

The motor mount comes complete with the bracket.

Mine cost about $80 from GM Parts Online.

GM Parts Zone Online


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