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Does suede React to UV Rays as Much as Leather?


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As some of you may be aware, I have been upgrading and modifying both the exterior and interior of my '97 SDV since I took possession June/04.

Engine Mods to date are: MOBIL 1 synthetic fluid for engine and transmission, Lucas Synthetic Oil Stabilizer, K&N air filter and oil filter. Future mods include K&N intake package.

Exterior Mods to date are: PIAA hi-intensity bulbs all around (hi/low beam, turn signals, side markers, brake lights, centre brake light, back up lights, licence plate light), DEVILLE emblem inserted into the centre brake light (MAJOR PAIN IN THE *smurf*), new wreath/crest emblem on hood and "C" pillars, concours black grille with upgraded wreath/crest emblem, factory chrome centre caps on factory spun aluminum wheels with new wreath/crest emblem. Future mods include updated factory chrome rims - probably from a 2004 SDV and 17 inches, Vogue white/gold striped tires, fender skirts.

Interior mods to date are: 25 piece Wood Dash kit, wood/leather steering wheel from a 2002 Eldorado - dyed to match dark montana blue interior, Eurolite (sp?) high intensity lights in map lights and door lights.

Continuing in this vein, I plan to recover the top of the dash with suede. I have the dye to match my interior (Dark Montana Blue) so that is not the issue. I am just wondering if the suede will fade and if so, how quickly? I may have to get one of those reflective covers that fit inside the windshield, but am hoping not - they are beyond ugly!

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Wouldn't it depend on the qualities of the dye you plan to use?

Perhaps if you applied the dye, then applied some sort of sealant over the dye?


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For a quick answer, suede is leather and yes, it reacts to UV rays as much as leather does.

If you really want to make people safe drivers again then simply remove all the safety features from cars. No more seat belts, ABS brakes, traction control, air bags or stability control. No more anything. You'll see how quickly people will slow down and once again learn to drive like "normal" humans.

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To a certain extent, yes - the dye I'm using has lasted very well on the wood/leather steering wheel - it was dove grey and the dye kit (from Leathermagic.com) did a great job of changing it to the dark blue that my interior called for. It has held up admirably all summer - and it's been one Hell of a long, hot summer - so the sweat off my hands combined with the near boiling temperatures has not had any negative influence at all.

I also used this dye on a number of leather strips (3/16inch X 3/16inch) that I made to go around the perimeter of the wood pieces that fit into the doors and arm rests of the car, giving the treatment more of an installed/embedded look, rather than just looking like they were placed/pasted on. That modification alone has garnered the most positive comments, mostly from Cadillac dealers!

As for some kind of treatment after the dye, well, how would that work on suede? By it's very nature, the suede must look like it has nothing on it but the colour. Unless you're thinking of some kind of spray, like a Scotchgard, or some such?

Bears some more thinking on my part though,,,,thanks for the input, Bruce.

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