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keyless entry module?

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I bought my cadillac without keyless entry fobs, and I was told that it was standard on all 93 and above cadillacs. Where is the keyless entry module so I can be sure my car has it? I looked in the trunk and to the right there is a box that is labeled Pass key II. Is this what I am looking for? I am looking for the numbers to match the fob with. I dont want to buy one and have the wrong type/model!

I was also wondering if anyone knows how to program the remote?

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I don't know if RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) was standard on your car. It sounds likely though.

Under the spare tire cover in your trunk you will find a label with numbers on it that can be interpreted so as to identify every single option and standard feature your vehicle has. Search around here for info on decoding that. If you can't find anything, just post. Folks here will likely jump in to help.

Used fobs are often available on Ebay starting at $20 or so. Your Caddy dealer will be happy to supply you with one for about $140 programmed (maybe more).

I chose the middle path when I wanted a second remote (RKE only does 2!): bought a brand new one for $84 at http://www.keylessride.com and programmed it myself (easy . . . . again, search right here). You needn't fear getting the wrong one if you order according to VIN number.

You *might* be able to find part numbers at places like:






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I just replaced mine and I have a 93 STS too! It's in the trunk bejind the left rear seat all the way to the left. Its a little box about 5"X5" and 1 1/2" thick. The plug on the harness is blue. It's the Remote Keyless Entry module.... Oh yeah, the fobs you can get on Ebay Motors

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Thanks for all the great help evryone. I just went out and located the keyless entry module and Connector. It apears that I am at least wired up for keyless entry.

In fact I have a few problem and questions I was hoping some of you guys could answer.

1. The FCC is GLQ3851508, but I cant find any remotes with that FCC? What should I do? Does it have to be the same FCC?

2. I have located the keyless connector but should it be connecting to something or hanging loose?

3. Does anyone have the detailed programming instructions they can post?

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