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Lighting system has big problem

STS Scott

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Just a day after I ordered all the custom lighting stuff (LEDs, sequential turn signal), that I posted a few days ago, my STS decides to throw a temper-tantrum with the lights. To be fair, I threw one too.

My STS has been plauged by the typical problems accociated with the turn signals, and I have always got the bad grounds repaired as soon as the turn signals started acting up. Until yesterday, all was sound with the lighting system. I drove the car during the day, without a problem, but then when I fired it up later that night (when it was dark outside), everything went out the window:

The interior instrumentation lights were off (no amount of fiddleing with the rheostat, manualy turning on the lights or fogs would fix this), but the digital displays were on very bright - like in day time mode. Also, the entire left side, rear lights were out (even the little parking light, not just the regular bulbs), which of course, caused the infamous and irritating rapid flashing turn signal. The lights on the right side of the car were fine.

All this poping up after everything being fine just a few hours before!

I would truely appreciate some help or insight to the problem!

Thank you


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Yeah, and some kind of short to ground is my second thought. There must be one wire that is common to all the lights on that side, most typically this would be a ground, but who knows.

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