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I know that it may just be me, but has anyone else had difficulties finding parts on that website..Looking to get some prices on ignition wires/plugs/fuel filter-you know, tune up stuff....Cannot find wires to save my life then I just get completely frustrated with how it works...Also, if anyone has actual GM part numbers for those items, maybe that will help since the AC Delco numbers are worthless there! :angry:

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These folks have decent prices on ACDelco parts


Yep, and rockauto.com has very friendly customer service unlike gmpartsdirect.com

What you can do is checking out the GM part numbers through rockauto's website then go to gmparts. Rockauto's prices for ACDelco may be higher, but they ship faster.

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I have gotten part numbers from gmpartsdirect by explaining what I need in an E-mail. They've come back promptly with the part number.

Also, on major items, I've asked my dealer's parts counter man for part numbers and prices, then bought from gmpartsdirect.


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