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85 seville...


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okay... so this guy has this seville that hes trying to sell for 600 bones. it runs great and looks as if it only has 50k miles on it, it was owned by some old lady before him. the exterior is lookin good and the interior is good also..

the only thing that seems to be bad is that the heater/ac dosnt work (it just wont blow air) and the gas gauge thingie sometimes dosnt display how much gas it has, and the wipers take a lil tweakin to get working...

other then that i ran the diagnostics on it and it gave me codes: 26, 38, and 52....

what yall think? should i take it?

thannks, loki

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'85 was the last year for the "bustleback" Seville, wasn't it? I think that's a great body style (1980-1985). For 600 bucks I don't think you can really go wrong, especially if you're buying it as a second car, project car, or "toy". It should have the HT4100 V8 engine. I'm not all boned up on the computer codes from that era, but check the main site at caddyinfo.com; I bet they're posted in there.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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52- nothing to worry about

26 - shorted throttle switch sct

38- open MAT sct

These should not be difficult to fix.

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If you are mechanically inclined and like to tinker go ahead and do it. Change ALL the fluids ASAP including the tranny fluid and filter.


For its final season in this form, the front-drive Seville sedan changed little. Neither did its companion Eldorado, which used the same chassis layout. Standard engine, as before, was the fuel-injected 250 cu. in. (4.1 liter) V-8, with four-speed overdrive automatic transmission. Buyers could also choose a diesel V-8, but not many did. Seville's base price was $23,729. New to the option list: aluminum alloy wheels with a radial fin design and gray accents. Both spoked and non-spoke versions were available. Seville's Elegante had a new "Inner Shield" windshield with a two-section plastic layer intended to prevent cuts from splintered glass in an accident. Elegante's interior featured standard leather seats, color-coordinated with the car body. Late in the model year, a Commemorative Edition package was announced.

Basic Gasoline Engine

Type 90-degree, overhead valve V-8. Cast iron block and head 90-degree, overhead valve V-8. Cast iron block and head

Displacement 249 cu. in. (4.1 liters)

Bore & stroke 3.47 x 3.31 in.

Compression ratio 8.5:1

Brake horsepower 135 at 4400 R.P.M.

Torque 200 lbs.-ft. at 2200 R.P.M.

Main bearings Five Five

Valve lifters Hydraulic Hydraulic

Fuel supply Fuel injection Fuel injection

Manufacturer Cadillac

Standard final drive ratio: 3.15:1


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We use to have an 1984 Seville way back when. Ours was red with a white vinyl roof and red cloth interior. The heater fan did not work on ours either when we got it. My Dad had just put a regular on/off switch and wired it up to the fan motor. It wasn't the greatest because you only had high speed or off but it sure did the trick in the winter time. If your gas gauge does not work at all, carrying a Jerry can would not be a bad idea until you find out how many miles you get to a tank of gas.

Our transmission went out on it and we were able to pull one out of a Toronado (which were also the same chassis but different motor) at the wrecker and slap it in the car for under $500. Otherwise ours was a great car. If the body is in good shape, I'd say go for it!


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My dad has an 85 seville, real clean, 80 k on it. I get comments on it whenever i go out in it. It just really has no power at all, but once it gets going its a real smooth ride.

Christopher Petro

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