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1997 Caddy DeVille will NOT engage i to gear


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My Caddy folks I'm stressin a lil' here. While driving suddenly my transmission started slipping, so I thought.  I found that it would engage a little bit in 1st or 2nd gear and would get going about 20mph and then start slipping again and would pull over shut it off all over again until I got home. 

After doing all the research and reading your guys's forms I replaced the speed sensor, Added fluid to my transmission because it was a little low got got it back into the cross hatched area on stick,  Try resetting the whole computer by pulling ECM fuse while ign on waiting the time needed, plugged in my OBDII/EOBD scanner and no troubled codes, and have entered the on board diagnostics and still No change. But Im flying blind with the on board diags cuz my whole darn center cluster just went black on me one day and has been for bout 3 mos now. I have not checked shifter cable really but either way my Caddy wont move! Pleeease help....

Sorry for the very long message.  



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This should be moved to the correct part of the forum where it will likely get more accurate responses.

Welcome to CaddyInfo.

I would ask what gear the cluster shows, but you state the IPC went out. I was leaning toward a neutral safety switch. Located atop the transmission at the shift lever.

If you can get a code reader hooked up I would like to know the list of PCM codes. 

Does your cluster ever come on? Even a flicker...

I am assuming the system is seeing a problem and going into limp mode. 


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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