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GPS via OnStar

Bruce Nunnally

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Interesting site at http://members.cox.net/onstar/ with how-to info and discussion on how to tap into the GPS unit built into the onstar system in order to bring the GPS signal out to a laptop or similar.


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That's very interesting. Would ONSTAR get upset with people doing this? Will they know if it's done? Can they monitor the equipment for these changes?

I'm using my lap top computer in my car with the DeLorme Earthmate GPS and their 2004 software and it runs almost perfect except for the voice directions which seem to have a lot of delay in them. I've turned the voice off and just use the map and the GPS tracking on the map in realtime. Works great.

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What a Cool idea. It's always there and always on. All These Vehicles must be in continous contact with ONSTAR. When you push the button there is no delay. Is that voice in my car comming from a voice generator in my car or comming from ONSTAR central in Detroit or somewhere?


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The GPS signals are essentially free (after taxpayers put the birds up there for the military in the first place). GM and everybody else rides on the technology.

A constellation of sats pulse sychronized time signals with their ids. Depending where you are on the earth, the time signals are delayed a bit. The GPS unit triangulates its location, and speed if at least (4) sats I think. The above refers to celestial systems (satellites), unlike terestrial or specialized towers or cellphones.

The GPS receiver is nothing more than a nicely tuned radio receiver for the very low strength signal being broadcast and an antenna. The laptop or GPS hand-held does the calc work and of course the move the cursor onto a map. If ht ereceiver is there, go for it to get the signals. However, a Navman onto an IPaq is about $200 (like the rental car NeverLost). A Delorme GPS unit with full-feature software for a laptop is about $150.

OnStar passes the GPS data to its cellphone system for the magical part of the Operator knowing where your are etc. The InStar I/O (air bag, unloock) is interesting and of course, Makerting at its finest.

Sorry, babbeling again about tech stuff

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