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Ultra-Luxury Sedan On the Way

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ULS is GM's internal code name for a rwd sedan that GM Vice Chairman Robert Lutz has been pushing. The car draws on styling cues first displayed on the Cadillac Sixteen concept. The car is expected to carry a sticker price in the $100,000 to $125,000 range. It will compete with the Mercedes-Benz S class and the BMW 7 series.



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I'm sure that most people that can afford to drop 100-125k on a car, fuel price increases aren't much of an issue. I know that is true in the boating world. My folks 43' trawler sips a mere 5 gal/hr (twin diesels) while their friend's 60' flushes a monster 100gal/hr. But he never gripes about fuel prices. It all depends on your perspective of what is "expensive". Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pull up and say "fill er up!" and not even worry about the price? We should all be so fortunate. :D

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