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A beautiful car


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Two words... Wicked, and Stupid!

First off, I love that car and that motor is absolutely stunning! I can't believe the sound of that blower in there. It is just plain wicked! B)

The stupid part is filming a stunt like that on public roads, with quite a bit of traffic I might add! I know that the zoom lens makes those oncoming cars appear closer than they really are, but when that things is burning the tires at that kind of speed it is like a missle without a guidance system! Don't get me wrong, I love to see this kind of power in a video, just not on the street where if the guy screws up people get hurt...

'09 Cadillac CTS-4 3.6 direct injection, 128 K mi.
'15 Chevy Tahoe LTZ, 5.3i V8, 125 K mi
'70 Firebird Formula 400, Bored+.04, RAIII heads, M21 4spd., in-process restoration!

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