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When I got my 02 Eldo it had a few burns on the drivers A pillar...I tried some SEM color coat but,it doesn't match...On the RPO sticker it has 154 which I've seen labeled med. slate gray.I've also seen it called shale..I tried shale.No go.Too brown..I decided to just buy a yard of headliner fabric and recover it..I can't find med slate gray fabric..Anyone know where to get it?

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The sheetmetal stays the same.....but the exterior and interior colors often change yearly. 

Interior parts typically fall off the 'available' dealer parts pretty quick....a couple of years after production.....simply not enough warehouse space to store 3000 spare 2001 Eldo left slate A pillar trim panels.

The aftermarket headliner colors are pretty generic.....maybe a couple of grays....a couple of tans....black.....etc. They will never match exactly unless you redo both A pillars and the headliner....and B and C pillars at the same time too. 

In other words....you will never find a sheet of '154' slate.

Some headliner material does have thinner foam backing material.....it's hard to find but it is out there.

Best bet is to wait and just keep searching for the right parts car. 


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