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Still looking for my first


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Well, I have started looking again to purchase my first Caddy. I found a 2001 Deville at

a Cadillac dealership website not too far away from me for $16000. The ad said it includes the certified warranty which would give about 2.5 years of warranty from today. It has around 48,000 miles on the odometer. There is no maintenance history on carfax, but I must assume the car is in decent shape if they will put a warranty on it. It also showed as private owner (no lease). Should I be wary of the miles? I'm in no rush but would like to spend 18000 to 20000 and have around 2 or 3 years on the certified warranty.


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The Northstar engine, if well-cared for, will go hundreds of thousands of miles with great service. It has Dexcool, so that puts you ahead right there. Also, the 4T80-E is one heck of a transmission. Mine still has the original tranny fluid, and it shifts wonderfully. This is quite a powertrain.

I'd say the rest of the car should hold up just fine. I don't know about any common electrical or other problems with the body. They're fine automobiles. Personally, I wouldn't be weary of 48,000 miles.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

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Sounds like a fair buy. 48k miles, in kid terms, is like a toddler taking his/her first steps on a Northstar engine. Mine hasn't required any major engine repairs and I'm running the "crappy" ol green coolant :lol: (sorry Jason couldn't resist).

I would, however, access the codes on the onboard computer. Those codes will pretty much tell you if anything is ailing your potential purchase. Post the codes here and we'll translate them for you. If you need directions on how to access the codes just ask. This site is full of helpful people. Just a suggestion: I would access the codes immediately following a test drive. It's easy to erase (reset) the codes and it would help to cut down on any "confusion" ;) .

Good luck on your hunt. :)

ps. We even have a member that has 50,000k+ (that translates into 50,000,000+ and I'm assuming that's miles (WOW) :lol: . Seriously though, there are plenty of members with realistic high miles that will attest to the strength and durability of the Northstar.

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I spent a year and saw about 20 cars before I bought my Eldorado, and after seeing alot of them, you can see the difference between the cars that are in good shape and the ones that are not so good . . .

Cadillac quality suffers - and, although the engines wear well, many times the electrical and other accessory components don't last. What good is a car with a great engine, if the windows won't roll down? Or, if the sunroof leaks, or if the air conditioner goes out?

Make sure you get a certified car. My car had probably 10 grand worth of repairs during the warranty period, and, now that the warranty is out, its gone a year without anything serious going bad. I think I got Cadillac to take care of all the car's soft spots while it was in warranty.

Spend time, and look at a bunch of them before you take the dive man.

Good luck!

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