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I purchased this on eBay:


its a micro module that plugs into the obd ii port. I bought it for my sons new Chevy, but  It does not say it works for Cadillac.  I plugged it into my daughters ATS, and it works perfectly.  When you get out of the car, and hit lock, just hold it for another 2 seconds, and it rolls up the 4 Windows.  Hold unlock, and hold it and all the windows roll down.  during the roll up or roll down, if you hit any button, it will stop the window at that place - so it is easy to open each window just a little equally..  I tried it on my 1996, and it does not work on dinosaurs. :) Apparently, Gm cars enable this feature in Europe, but it is not legal for car manufactures to have it as an option in the USA.  If you have young kids or grandkids in your car, I would not recommend having this btw. 

can someone tell me when obd ii changed?  I purchased a heads up display, and it only works in new cars.  My 2002 Chevy does not recognize the device, and I had to purchase a new code reader because the one I used in my 2002 does not work in a 2016 car.  I tried googling, but I could not get what or when it changed.  I thought basic code reading would have been backwards compatible at least.

ooh, and so you all know.  They do make and sell $6.00 multi ports so you can have 6 multiple devices plugged into obd ii ports.  



And and it's like I tell my kids : it's all fun and games till I plug in another obd ii device and deploy the air bags!! :)

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There were a few years with changes.

It has to do with data baud, speed, etc...


98, 98-99

2000-2001, 2000-2002



..... it is ongoing. It completely varies by vehicle manufacturer, and sometimes even by model.



Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Thanks.  I guess there are no revisions, or backwards compatibility standards.  Looks like I'll have to find out the particulars a little more.  Devices made today are for the newer obd ii, and for the older cars, we need to go used, or nos.

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