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Northstar Head Gasket Rebuild


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Anyone know anything about an Ebay listing located in PA  for a N* Head gasket complete motor rebuild. I've talked to this guy, Jim, and he seems pretty staight up. I'm looking all over. Any comments on him or other suggestions?

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Did we talked a couple days ago. Jim is doing the same work that I do but i'm closer. He is a pretty straight up guy and has done many of these repairs. 

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I believe so. It sounded like that he was offering a larger package than you for close to the same price. Proximity matters (cost) but you sounded like the gasket repair was strictly all you did. I have a heater core issue and some oil burnining on the exhaust system also. I spoke with Jim after I talked to you and asked him about Indianapolis and he asked if your name was B and said you two converse on occasion. I would not mind talking to you again. .















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My name is Brad Barczy and I pretty much do the exact same job Jim is doing. Resealing the lower bearing case and inserting the block and replacing the head gaskets and all other gaskets on the top end.  I sent you an email so call or text if you have questions. I have no problem doing any job on the car so whatever it needs its not a problem.  Thanks

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