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Deck (Trunk) Lid 2000 DeVille

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Hey Lister's,

The store clerk offered to load items into the trunk for this old timer.  Unfortunately, one item was too high and interfered with the lid closing properly.   I now have intermittent problems with opening the trunk with the key fob, or the button on the dash.  Fortunately, The key will open the trunk.  This has also affected the brake light mounted on the trunk lid which is no longer working.  Should I get stopped by law enforcement due to the light not working, I believe I have only 10 days to have it repaired in MD before they suspend the registration, so there is a bit of urgency to this request for help.

I'll appreciate any suggestions on a fix.  Email responses are welcome: SMihaly137@aol.com


Thanks much

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I would pull the liner from inside the trunk by the latch and check the plugs that go to the actuator and third brake assembly. 

One or both may be broken or unplugged.

I would say that whatever the problem is should be easy to spot.

Welcome to CaddyInfo. 


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Hey rockfangd,

Thanks for the response and the advice.    


Urgent response is needed.  Taking car to get trade in estimate the morning and would like everything working.


Is there a special too I need topull the plugs that hold the trunk liner, or can i improvise, like with a wide screw driver?


Email would be quickest way to respond.


Pgh. Steve



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You could substitute a fine needle nose pliers

I have found that other than the correct panel tools that is the only thing that works in a pinch, At least without damaging other things.

Or use a pair of wire cutters and cut them and replace them when reinstalling the panel.

Good luck to you


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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