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1993 Cadillac "sixty special"

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Hey guys, back again....so there's a '93 sixty special for sale that I'm very interested in. 74k miles, nice shape, 2 owners, runs good, but a/c, heat, and radio do not work. Could be a simple fix, maybe not. But the car is beautiful, owner must sell, and I may wind up paying $1500 for it, but it's 1200 miles away, I would need to fly there, pick it up, and drive it back home. Do you guys think I may be crazy, or do ya'all think I should give it a shot? I've been assured it's mechanically well maintained, and loved, but it's owner is no longer able to drive it, it has sat nearly idle for a few years, except for an occasional start up and drive. It's "driving" me crazy, I really want this car! Any advice would be appreciated...I definitely have Caddy fever....Thanks, Bill in VT  

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Good cars. I would suspect  BCM issue and they are easy to fix. I have seen a lot of these cars around lately and the only thing I would worry about is the coolant pipes that rust out around the motor and are way gone discontinued. 

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Thanks for your response barczy01....I'll have to look into the coolant pipes you're talking about. It looks like a decent car, has a few really cool things I like, one being the "Gold Bose"  CD stereo and speakers, the cloth roof looks really elegant on this one, among other things. I guess I need to decide quickly, and make up my mind.....any other input from you guys who own or have owned one of these would be greatly appreciated! I'm a little nervous about travelling all that way and being disappointed...Bill in VT

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