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I have a 1997 Eldorado for sale, turns out my coolant problems are caused by a bad head gasket, and most likely stripped bolts. The body, rims and interior are flawless, with only a couple hail dings on the hood. I will not be parting out the car, and would like to sell it whole. Contact me if anyone is interested. If not, it will be sitting in the garage for a long time.

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The car used to run beautifully. It still runs, but the gasket is causing an air pocket buildup in the block. This causes coolant loss, and def. some bad effects on the oil. I will post pictures here probably tommorow. I am a full-time student with a job, and time is something I do not have a lot of. I would most likely have the car shipped if anyone wants to throw in the extra $500 or whatever it is on autotrader.

Daniel & Jim - 1997 Eldorado - 83,000mi. Chrome rims, new radiator, new alternator, new thermostat. All GM parts too.

Thanks, Tim

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Hmm how much? You are in Indiana?

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I'm asking $6k... Silver Bronze Mist Exterior, Mullberry (maroon) Interior...

Some features include:

Bose Audio System w/ 12 disc cd changer

Brand New (with receipt) radiator, thermostat, and alternator.

83k miles, good tires (Michellin x-1's)

One owner

Including Original Window Sticker and Manuals

Very clean car

Please Call My Cell Phone for an appointment at... 219.741.8890, more photos available and test drives/inspections okay.

Car sold AS IS!!! (As mentioned previously, Head Gasket needs to be replaced and possible Time Sert Issue???<Not too sure)...

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