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The rain sensor is not working properly after having a new windshield installed. I used to set it on the middle setting and it would keep the windshield clear-come on intermittently or stay on, increasing speed as necessary. Now, in a steady rain, it barely keeps the windshield clear on the highest setting. It also runs only intermittently-never constant. It is installed in the sweep of the windshield wipers but in the tinted area of the windshield. It is mounted 1/8" from the rear view mirror mount (passenger side) and the base of the rain sensor is 1-1/8" from the base of rear view mirror mount. The factory manual states that it should be mounted 2-3/8" from the rear view mirror mount and the base of the rain sensor should be 3/4" below the rear view mirror mount but the electrical connection won't reach that far. Any help on why this isn't working properly(location?,installation?) would be appreciated so I can go back to the installation company to have it corrected. Maybe someone with a car like mine can tell me where their rain sensor is mounted. :(

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There have been several posts on this subject. You'd likely want to do a search.

Bottom line: it is imperative that you use the GM adhesive to attach the sensor to the windshield.

I don't think the physical position of the sensor is very important. However, the optical properties of the adhesive are critical.



EDIT: Pay particularly close attention to posts by "bbobynski" on this subject.

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The rain sensor is an optical device. Moving from untinted area of the windshield to tinted one may have a dramatic impact. Close attention should be paid to the quality of the optical contact between the sensor and windshield (there should be clean uniform layer of a specified optical glue between the sensor and the glass).

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