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Coated or uncoated?

tom karen

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Want to polish my new aluminim wheels from Cardio Doc.

Bought some Mothers wheel polish, but it says not to use on wheels with clear coat.

Would anyone know if the aliminum wheels from a 2002 Deville would have clear coat on them or not.

Don't want to do something stupid and ruin them.

Thanks for any help on this.

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As j. said, at least the show side is clear coated. A way to test is to use regular wax. If the rag doesn't get darkened, it's probably coated. My OEM wheels weren't coated on the inside (turned the rag dark). I waxed them with Meguiar's #20 Poly sealant. A cheaper poly wax is NuFinish. NuFinish has more cleaning ability than #20, so I used it on the inside. Shine on...


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