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N* specialty tools


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Hi all,

I'm looking for some of the specialty tools for a 4.6L N*. Specifically, I need the puller for the water pump drive pulley (on the cam) and the valve spring extender tool that goes into the head and is used with a spring compressor.

Any idea on where to get these? Can't find them on the web.

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You use the same puller as for many power steering pump pulleys. See image below for the one I used.



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Thanks George,

I saw ones similar to this during my web search, but could not confirm the size of the griping section. The one in your pic has the sizes

How did you press the pulley back on? I was considering a simple bolt, nut and washer to press it into place.

Thanks very much for the help!

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Thanks Ranger,

I sent them an e-mail. Your right - not much of a web page.

I wonder why they don't inventory their products?

Kent-Moore's website used to inventory their tools - you could enter the J-xxxx number and it would show the retail price. For some reason, they eliminated that portion of their website a year or so ago.

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