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A question for Bruce.


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I've been reading your boards and posts for years. Thanks for all of that. Great information here!

I'd like to know about your decision to buy the CTS. Did you look at a newer STS? Deville? Other cars besides Caddys?

Does the CTS feel much smaller than your old STS? It looks like the CTS performs a bit better.

I just got back from the Auto Show in Motion. The big car show where GM lets you drive all of their cars and several of their competetors cars. I drove several of their CTS's several times. I really enjoyed the car. I especially liked it after driving the BMW 325 and 330. Those cars felt very small to me and felt very underpowered. (especially the 325)

I felt a little bit more at home in the DTS as it was huge. (i'm currently driving a Park Avenue)

I'd really like to hear your thoughts and impressions on your choice to buy a CTS. Thanks!

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Crozier, Where did you get that knick? Do you really make barrels? Anyway, back on topic, I looked at the CTS's the other day and was rather dissapointed. Too angular, both inside AND out. They may perform better, I'll give you that...they must be quite a bit lighter. If your interested, I've noticed quite a few leftover 2003 Sevilles are still in the lots...I'd look for a deal on one of them. The biggest factor I think is cost. You can get a new CTS for about 36, but a new 2003 STS is still fetching 56.

Never underestimate the amount of a persons greed.

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The CTS is smaller than my 96 STS was. It also feels much more direct and responsive. I was concerned about the size at first, but the family and carpool and so on fit just fine, so it's big enough for what I need with a family of 4.

The CTS was an opportunity to buy a new car for me, so that eliminted the STS since it would be more. Perhaps if the 05 STS were out already I would have considered the STS 6 cylinder, but even that would be a bit higher than I wanted to pay. I did look at an 02 SLS and an 04 Deville but the SLS seemed to have no more rear leg room than the CTS, and I prefer the styling and performance of the CTS over the Deville.


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