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Door wont shut. 97 Deville

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Hi all.

I am very stumped. I knew something was wrong with my right rear door when I bought this 1997 D'elegance but I didnt think it was anything too crazy.

The other day the door flew open when I made a left turn and almost caused an accident. I went to pull over and it swung shut and stayed shut.

So today I took the door apart and found several things wrong. one of plugs at the latch was unplugged which makes the system think the door is closed all the time (ie domelamps wont come on and alarm wont trigger)

It is disconnected because the door will not latch all the way. It is only clicking the first part of the latch. when shut tightly.

So I loosened the striker and pulled it outward as far as it would go. Still wont latch completely.

I manually manipulated the latch and it clicks twice and latches fine.

I spent a good half hour trying different adjustments and it will not latch completely. I also noted that someone at one time adjusted the striker to hold the door closed at the first click.

I also note that the door panel touches the seat when closed completely.

Now I do not see anything that looks recent,

The door lines up fine with the body lines

the seals are fine.

the door itself closes completely

the hinges are fine.

The only thing I can think of is old accident damage that was repaired but something is not right.

In the picture you can see where the striker originally was and where it is now, you can also see the mark on the seat where the door panel rubs it

Any opinions on this one



Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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Ok so today I got some progress, not great but better.

I replaced the latch, and striker.

The only way to get the door to shut all the way was to modify the striker. What I did was weld the holes shut on the replacement striker, I then drilled new holes slightly off center and adjusted it on the body.

The door now shuts all the way, It has to be shut a little harder than I like but it will be ok til spring.

I then had to install a replacement barrier for the door. It was gone. The main speaker had the wire routed wrong and being pinched between the door and speaker. Amazingly it didnt short anything.

I would guess that there was a accident related with the right rear quarter panel and it was pushed inward. I have not seen anything obvious for repairs but I am sure I will figure it out by summer

At least now it shuts and the latch is all plugged in


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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