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94 STS Body Parts

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So anybody know were to find some sts body panels in illinois? Im a first time caddy owner just got a 94 sts with 169000 miles and the guy did alittle damage to it. Nothing major just a little hood damage and the grill broke out also the driver side head light assembly. I would like to fix it right and restore it to its rightful glory. Any leads on a parts car or dealer would be great.post-28742-0-27926200-1447720501_thumb.j

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You will need a new hood, grille, and probably a headlight assembly. These are typical fender-bender parts. The STS has a painted grille while the SLS has a chrome grille but the chrome grille should fit.

Check the bumper shock absorbers.

The parts should be readily available to any good body shop. Ask that they get used parts to keep the cost down; most body shops do that with older cars when they can, unless the customer asks for new body parts. They will have salvage yard channels. If you need them, the bumper shock absorbers probably should be new parts.

If you want to do this as a DIY project, an online salvage yard search page is probably the simplest way to go. I did a web search on "hood 1994 Cadillac seville" and turned up this:


Note that the SLS hood and STS hood are different parts. This probably means that you will need an STS grille and headlight assembly too.

Also, large parts like the hood must be shipped to a commercial facility (truck shipped, not UPS or whatever), and a body shop to sand and paint the hood (and grille, if it needs a color change, and the bumper cover) is probably a good destination. The price is only $155 but shipping is not included.

Take a cell phone photo of the options sheet, which is a sticker on the inside of the spare tire cover. All the RPO options, including the paint number that the body shop will need to match your color, are on it.

Take photos as you go and post them here. We can help you whenever you need to ask questions, and lots of people here know lots more about this kind of work than I do.

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In the past I've had good luck with www.car-part.com , it's a salvage yard search site. You might be lucky and even get something in the right color. They will last the parts, price, distance from you, color and if a body panel damage grade. Like A is perfect and down from there.

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