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Just pulled a bunch of "history" codes up on the Caddy.

Check engin light has been popping on and off, and usually on after about 5-10 mins. of driving.

I went through all the "P" codes - looks like a bunch of them - all EGR or TP sensor related.


I have some "S" codes and can not find them in my Chiltons book showing a list of codes...

is "S" suspension codes ?? - I have the following S codes - 012,017,025,028,044 -

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S012 ?
S017 ?
S025 Right Rear Damper Solenoid Valve Short to B+
S028 ?
S044 Lift or Dive Signal Fault

I only have two. Anyone with a 1995 FSM?

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No compressor. I switched over to a Arnott setup, with manual fill when I replaced the shocks......I do get a suspension warning on the screen from time to time.

Thanks , so all the "s" codes are suspension related, that makes sense. I am thinking of doind a complete change to the Strutmasters setup, I am unhappy with the Monroe front conversion and the Arnott's on the rear.

Also along with it , replacing the sway bar links...

I have done all the bushings, bearings etc. allready recently.

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