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1996 Deville wanted


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Hi All . I am selling my Eldo in hopes of finding another 1996 Deville.

If anyone comes across one in the NY area please feel free to share it with me. Thanks


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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If you can I would expand my search area. My brother owns a car shipping business and it wouldn't cost much to ship a car from the southern USA.

There are quite a few lower mileage really clean Cadillacs in Florida around the retirement communities. I've acquired a few that way. Really cheap too. Each time I paid about $125-$150 for a local Cadillac dealer to do a thorough inspection and then another $50-75 to a body to look for previous accident damage and rust. But I only go that far for a car I really like and the price is good.

I've saved thousands getting the "little old lady" Cadillac. In 2014 I got my 2005 Deville DTS with 35,000 miles for $3800. I paid about $200 to have it inspected and $450 to ship it to central Ohio.

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