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Been cursed since I joined here

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Love the forum and the general atmosphere of kindness and shared knowledge. But ever since I joined its been one thing after another with either of my Devilles. I've been getting by with normal routine maintenance for past few years, then I had a question and joined here. Well I think somehow I've pissed off a voodoo Dr or maybe trespassed on an ancient burial ground.

Since being a forum member here's my list if repairs. 3 window regulators. 2 water pump belt tensioner. 1 water pump. 2 struts. 4 tie rod ends. 3 wheel bearings/hub assemblies. 1 power steering pressure line. 1 blower motor. 1 coil pack. 1 brake caliper. 3 vacuum lines from valve cover to intake (2 on the passenger side, 1 on driver side). 1 rear view mirror broken at ball stem adjuster ( my fault testing 2 new jl audio 13w7 subwoofers and mirror shook so much it snapped). 1 battery.

Granted that's for 2 cars and both have higher mileage. 2002 DTS has 158k and 2003 dhs has 195k.

But wow it seems everything decided to fail during a 60 day period. I've always said a repair here and there is cheaper than a car payment. And its not that these are my daily drivers. Both are hobby cars that I'm modifying and playing with. The DTS is all black with a cts-v style grill and 22" rock star rims. The DHS is black with a carriage roof that's black cloth with stainless trim and gold buttons. It has 17" Texas wire wheels with what they call super poke. If your not familiar with Texan wire wheel company its a unique rim, there not flat. The center support where the spokes converge and the knock off spinner is can be 3" outwards up to 18" outwards, I have the 6" style. Not some thing you see around the east coast or Midwest often.

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I used to feel like every time I got a few dollars ahead, then I would get some new bill that cost me my surplus. Then I realized how lucky I was to have that work out in that order.

Maybe you found the forum here just in time to get help lol.


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