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2006 CTS aftermarket headlights


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I have been looking for aftermarket lamps for my 2006 CTS for over a month. My specific car HAS washers and autolevelers in the lamps. Every aftermarket headlamp that I see is not compatible with my car specs. I have literally went on every website and called many places as well. Has anyone else run into a similar problem? Does anyone know of any websites or aftermarket stores I could visit? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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What is wrong with your head lights? Cloudy?

You can sand with a 2000 grit wet-n-dry sandpaper and they will look pretty good...but they will cloud up again rapidly. There is a protective UV coating on the lens. Sanding removes the coating.

Have not tried this stuff yet. But will be soon. It is what is now recommended after sand and polish....recoat with a UV protectant. Suppose to be very high gloss.


Caution...I have not tried it...some have. Seems like it could craze the plastics.

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Well....tried the SprayMax 2K today. Works fantastic so far. Very high gloss....almost magical..

It's a 2 part paint in a shaker can. There is a button on the bottom you have to press to activate the product. 48 hour pot life. Little over $20 shipped per can.

The product does contain isocyanates....so you will have to use a suit and mask and spray outside.

I tried it on the MINI first. I'll try it on the VUE tomorrow...the VUE ones are in worse shape.

Picture shows MINI lamp after mild 2000 grit wet sanding....no polish....then the SprayMax.

Results...no sanding marks.....crazy crystal clear finish....no crazing....super hard cured material....not tacky at all....wow...great product.

Product may cloud some right after spraying...wait...it will clear as it flashes off.

Lamps look new again. These MINI lamps are the Xenon versions....would be very expensive to replace with new.


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Update. Did the Saturn VUE last week. Lamps look new.

Today...I had some of the spray material left in the rattle can. The pot life is like 36 or 48 hours. Today I noticed that the rattle can no longer rattles....so the remaining material has hardened inside the can by itself. That makes it easy to get rid of..

Picture #1 shows obvious haze. These have been sanded and polished in the past.

Picture #2 shows after being sanded with 2000 wet-n-dry paper.

Picture #3 shows with the material applied. *Note..no polishing was done after sanding. Gives you an idea how glossy this material is. Clear and smooth as a water bottle.

The product does cloud some during spraying....relax...it clears up as it cures.



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Very impressive! I will have to try this on my 2006 DTS headlights. I've polished them numerous times but they do become hazy again quickly. Hopefully this stuff will really last a long time!

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I plan on doing the Traverse ones next..they are getting that dreaded sun beat look. I need to buy another can.

The shaker can has a red button on the bottom you have to press to activate the product. I've never seen anything like it. I had to press mine super hard....I thought I was doing it wrong.

There are some different ones. I used the 3680061.

Product does not craze the plastics.



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